Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Progressive House Session (with Alejandro Leal´s Monterrey at Midnight Mix)


1. Haley - This Is How It Goes (Kaskade's Grand Club Edit)
2. Arthur Deep-Remember The Summer (Dinka Remix)
3. Teana & Tiida - Tiida (Original Mix)
4. Cream Sound - New friday (Mango Remix)
5. Shoreliners, Shipstad & Mykleby - Superman (Version 2)

[Alejandro Leal´s Monterrey at Midnight Guest Mix]

1. Oliver Smith - Sunday (Original Mix)
2. Plato feat Jette Von Roth - The Ashes Of Our Dreams (Mossy Remix)
3. Afternova - Sunset In Dubai (Magnus Mykleby Remix)
4. Kazusa - Coast Along (Tokyo Bay Cruise Remix)
5. Dinka - Some people Will Never Learn (Arthur Deep Remix)
6. Roald Velden pres Mono Suono - Tropical Beach (Original Mix)
7. Matt Lange - Resonate (Original Mix)
8. George F. Zimmer - Don't Deal With Justice (Original Mix)
9. Mango - Forever July (Shiftone Remix)
10. K Milian - Oditi (Kazusa Remix)

Download (Zippyshare)
Download (4shared)

Hey my friends its been a while now since my last uplaod. Sorry for that but I´m very busy here in watchign the world cup ;) Finally i made a great mix with my buddy Alejandro Leal from Mexico. I really love his taste so I asked him if he want to do a collabration with me. He agreed and the result of it is this wonderful smooth mix for all Progressive Hosue Lovers who are driving in their car, relaxing at the sea or lake or just sitting at home... This Genre is really comming and love those great producer.

I hope you will like it and hope many many many downlaoder will catch that masterpiece!!! Also Big huge thank to Alejandro Leal for his 1 hour mix.



  1. i have listened to all your sets and this is probably your best one yet.....its very mellow, chilled but at the same time upbeat and never dull or boring. the perfect summer mix!!

  2. Wow. Tank you very much for this co0mment. But u need to thank Alejandro for this gerat mix <3


  3. Guys, you are awesome! I prefer the progressive mixes than the trance mixes (thats my taste), but keep it up both! And post more often!!!

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  5. ...great mix as always Tekiu. THANK YOU...

  6. Dude! Such an epic masterpiece again!!! Love it!!!!!!

  7. Very nice, i love this song!

  8. wonderful site :D

  9. Hi,

    Could someone pls tell me what is the song TRACK played from 57:00?

  10. wow this

  11. i want to download it but the link doesnt work