Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Progressive House Session (Remember The Youthful Years Mix)


1. AKI Amano - Sweet Twilight (James Woods Approaching Dream Remix)
2. Roald Velden, EcueD - Moments (Original Mix)
3. Lessov - November (Valentin Remix)
4. Roald Velden & Ecued - Deep Into Her Eyes (Original Mix)
5. Talamanca - Blue Hawaii (Samee's Deep Mix)
6. Mindset - Her Shining Eyes (Original Mix)
7. James Woods - constellation (original mix)
8. Mugen - Destati (Original Mix)
9. Blood Groove & Kikis - Voices (Original Mix)
10.Sergey Alekseev-Sunset On The Sea  Original Mix
11.Lessov - Komodo (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)
12.Leventina feat Syntheticsax - Here workin' (Dinka remix and Syntheticsax Bootleg)


Booooooooooooooooooommmmmm and here it is! Thank you guys I hope you like the mix and would be happy for your feedback.

Thanks also for all those kind Mails and of course for every minute listning my mixes! Appreciate it!!

So no more words, enjoy this great shit 



Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tekiu on Facebook!!!

Finally I´m on Facebook

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Progressive House Session (Dawning Moments EGM´s Guest 2012 Mix)


Tekiu´s Progressive Dawning Moments Part

1. SNR - +You (Original Mix)
2. Julien Gral - Human Beauty (Original Mix)
3. Gregory Esayan - Purple Clouds (Original Mix)
4. Little Apricot - Children`s Song (Santez`s Childhood Memories Remix)


EGM´s (Exclusive Good Music) Progressive Dawning Moments Part

1. Evren Ulusoy - Prelude To Heaven (Aeron Aether Remix)
2. Alucard - Detachment (Original Mix)
3. Valentin & Flora - Sora (Original Mix)
4. Bianco Soleil - Her Brown Eyes (Original Mix)
5. Sunbeam & Monday - Always With You (Original Mix)
6. Orland Beltran - Not Like Them (Original Mix)
7. Roald Velden - Without Regret (Original Mix)
  8. Roald Velden & Valentin - Away From Here (James Woods Remix)
9. Aquastic - Sunrise (Original Mix)
10 . Little Apricot - Children`s Song (Original Mix)
11. Marsbeing - Evening Lights (Original Mix)


Thank you Guys for your great support and all the downlaods its so crazy that this blog will touch 1.000.000 views soon. cant believe it! It makes me happy.

Say Hello to my Friend EGM who creates an awesome Guest mix for my Blog. Im very proud to have him here. Found him on Youtube. He upaloads very ncie Progressive House Tracks and love his taste! You gotta check his mix out and please visit his Youtube Channel

!!! http://www.youtube.com/user/ExclusiveGoodMusic  !!!

He´s from Island actually from brazil and a cool dude. Hope we could make you guys happy with this masterpiece!

Also Thanks to EGM for this great Guest mix!

For The Love Of Music


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wonderful Chill Out Music (Escape From Hectic City Life Mix)


1. Roald Velden - Complicated (Original Mix)
2. Faro - Shape Of Sense
3. Faro - Toscan Dawn
4. Blank & Jones - Walking On Sunshine
5. Ambrosia - A Reminiscent Drive
6. Florzinho - A La Luna
7.  Lounge Orchestra - Ocean Wind
8. Blank & Jones - The Nightfly (Ambient Mix)
9. Cantoma - Katja
10.Nikonn - Sunday
11.Blank - Coming Home (Afterlife Remix)
12. Tactful - No Fear

I know how busy and stressful life can be. So i made this mix to help you out for some chilling moments. Just go inside you and relax your mind.

Hope you guys like the mix and would be glad if you donate. Of course there are still bomb mixes which are waiting for you. Ill uplaod very soon a new Progressive House Sesseion and a great new International sounds chill out mix.

Im so happy that this blog touches your heart. I get so many mails from you guys I cant answer them all Im sorry for that but hope you understand.

Okay I talk to much here just sit back and listen to these wonderful sounds.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Progressive House Session (Touching Movement Mix)


1. Alberto Matz - The Things I Left Behind (Original Mix)
2. Valentin & Roald Velden - Away From Here (Original Mix)
3. Roald Velden - Moon (Original Mix)
4. Valentin & Bianco Soleil - Farplane (Original Mix)
5. Roald Velden - Your Dark Brown Eyes (Original Mix)
6. Sunbeam & Monday - Always With You (Original Mix)
7. Roald Velden - Last Sunset (Original Mix)
8. Altena - Myths & Legends (Original Mix)
9. North Sunset-Frozen Sea (Original Mix)
10. Orland Beltran - Feels Like Meh (Original Mix)
11. Orland Beltran - Not Like Them (Original Mix)

Awww, you guys proberly mad at me for not updating my blog. I feel very sorry but you know how busy life can be.

I´m on holiday right now in Istanbul and just made a new Mix. I hope you guys enjoy the my newest Progressive House Mix. Full of very relaxing tracks. Just enjoy this awesome Music Genre! <3 i="i">



Friday, February 10, 2012

Wonderful Chill Out Music (Motionlessly Mix)


1. Blank & Jones - Miracle Man (with Cathy Battistessa)
2. De Santos - Ojos De Sol (Exclusive Bonus Version)
3. Blank & Jones - After Love (Ambient Mix)
4. J.R. Haim - Lejos
5. Side Fx - Take Off
6. The Man Behind C. - See You Again
7. Blank & Jones - Coming Home
8. Stefano Carpi - After the sea
9. Savanna Feat. Salvador - Acid Beach (Lounge Mix)
10.Magica Fe - Words (Original Version)
11.En'deavour - Space Night Bubbles (Eno Motive Rmx)
12.Roald Velden - On A Rainy Day

There we go! Enjoy this mix friends. I hope you guys like it! But I bet you do =)

Watch out Tekiu is back with lots of good mixes in  2012!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Progressive House Session (The Road Home Mix)


1. Alibi - Eternity (Valentin Remix)
2. Roald Velden - There She Was (Original Mix)
3. Roald Velden - The Road Home (Original Mix)
4. K-Milian - Oditi (Kazusa Remix)
5. Mango - Kisses (Tom Lue Remix)
6. Rinat Shabanov & Pavel Polyakov - Anima (Solid Stone's On The Beach Remix)
7. Mykleby & Valentin - Seaward
8. Oza & T4L - Remember That (Shingo Nakamura Dub)
9. Mad Morello - A Story To Tell (Original Mix)
10.Chris Reece - The Divine Circle (Club Mix)
11.Dinka - Skyscraper(Original_Mix)
12.Anushka De'Sai - Ocean Skies (Original Mix)
13.T-Pe3 - Lost (Original Mix)

I´m back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately my Youtube got suspended but i dont give a fuck! We can continue here :) sorry for not updating my blog for so long :-(

BUUUUUUUTTT.... Im back and I have so many new tracks! I have to share with youall the new sruff in a great smooth mix also soooo many great new ChillOut music!

So watch out my friends =)