Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Progressive House Session (Dawning Moments EGM´s Guest 2012 Mix)


Tekiu´s Progressive Dawning Moments Part

1. SNR - +You (Original Mix)
2. Julien Gral - Human Beauty (Original Mix)
3. Gregory Esayan - Purple Clouds (Original Mix)
4. Little Apricot - Children`s Song (Santez`s Childhood Memories Remix)


EGM´s (Exclusive Good Music) Progressive Dawning Moments Part

1. Evren Ulusoy - Prelude To Heaven (Aeron Aether Remix)
2. Alucard - Detachment (Original Mix)
3. Valentin & Flora - Sora (Original Mix)
4. Bianco Soleil - Her Brown Eyes (Original Mix)
5. Sunbeam & Monday - Always With You (Original Mix)
6. Orland Beltran - Not Like Them (Original Mix)
7. Roald Velden - Without Regret (Original Mix)
  8. Roald Velden & Valentin - Away From Here (James Woods Remix)
9. Aquastic - Sunrise (Original Mix)
10 . Little Apricot - Children`s Song (Original Mix)
11. Marsbeing - Evening Lights (Original Mix)


Thank you Guys for your great support and all the downlaods its so crazy that this blog will touch 1.000.000 views soon. cant believe it! It makes me happy.

Say Hello to my Friend EGM who creates an awesome Guest mix for my Blog. Im very proud to have him here. Found him on Youtube. He upaloads very ncie Progressive House Tracks and love his taste! You gotta check his mix out and please visit his Youtube Channel

!!!  !!!

He´s from Island actually from brazil and a cool dude. Hope we could make you guys happy with this masterpiece!

Also Thanks to EGM for this great Guest mix!

For The Love Of Music



  1. Hi Tekiu,
    For the last two mix you uploaded, the quality of the sound is really bad (the bass are hurting...).

    Any explanation or better encryption ?

    Thanks !
    Btw : This mix is the best so far ;)

  2. Hey Dude i recognize that too! When im Mixing at the end i have a WAV file so i have to convert it to mp3. So there is a huge quality loss. But Ill fix it :-)

    Thanks for your comment bro

  3. Man i just want to say thanks for everything....=)....
    Ive been listning to your lovely music for a long time. Enjoying it everyday!!
    Keep it up Bro.

    Greetings from Oslo,Norway

  4. Genius you are. Just completely in love with this set.

  5. Epix mix once again. Where is the direct link to soundcloud? Like to comment on the last song!

  6. I just love your site! Thank you! I have been listening to your mixes whilst working and it has added such a great flavour to my mood! good for designing ;) Best wishes from sunny south africa! Peace.

  7. Just love your music, so nice. So glad I found it and this site.

  8. Shoot... lost the music as I clicked to comment... gotta get back soon before I loose the mood... You music is great!

  9. It becomes indecent, it is too strong, too good!

  10. This is the best I've ever heard. Millions of thanks!!

  11. Tekiu Hello, I'm from Brazil and a great admirer of his work. Congratulations and keep making more sounds for your fans. Big hug!

  12. Hello from Berlin! Guys enjoy the good stuff inhere, and Tekiu: T H A N X a million!

  13. Hey Tekiu, it's Callum from Cape Town, south Africa over here. Your mixes are the perfect study accompaniment - I'm a huge fan. Keep up the work #vaib

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  18. where are you Tekiu, we miss you!!! we miss your music, we want something new from you!!! :))) :***

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  20. Hi Tekiu. Your sets makin' me real high. Keep on doin' what you doin' and you doin' it realy nice. Shout out by Sunsee from Slovakia :)

  21. Great tunes! Hoping to see more great mixes in the future.

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