Friday, August 24, 2012

Progressive House Session (Touching Movement Mix)


1. Alberto Matz - The Things I Left Behind (Original Mix)
2. Valentin & Roald Velden - Away From Here (Original Mix)
3. Roald Velden - Moon (Original Mix)
4. Valentin & Bianco Soleil - Farplane (Original Mix)
5. Roald Velden - Your Dark Brown Eyes (Original Mix)
6. Sunbeam & Monday - Always With You (Original Mix)
7. Roald Velden - Last Sunset (Original Mix)
8. Altena - Myths & Legends (Original Mix)
9. North Sunset-Frozen Sea (Original Mix)
10. Orland Beltran - Feels Like Meh (Original Mix)
11. Orland Beltran - Not Like Them (Original Mix)

Awww, you guys proberly mad at me for not updating my blog. I feel very sorry but you know how busy life can be.

I´m on holiday right now in Istanbul and just made a new Mix. I hope you guys enjoy the my newest Progressive House Mix. Full of very relaxing tracks. Just enjoy this awesome Music Genre! <3 i="i">




  1. All your mixes are excellent! I love them! ;)

  2. tekiu come back!!!!!!!!!!

  3. yay ur back!!
    awesome mix!!:))

    much love proghouse!!:))

    thanx so much! 4 all ur sessions!;)


  4. I fucking love this! Good job tekiu!

  5. Thank you for great mix.. but where is smooth chillout mix?

  6. Got to delete it cause of copyright -.-

    Thanks Guys!! =)

  7. Hey Tekiu, Thank you once again :), a special request, can you post the track list of "" smooth chillout " i appreciate that.. -.-< if you cant post them on public can u give you my personal email so you can send me them? thank you

  8. awesome mixes, thanks tekiu, you're the best! greetings from macedonia..

  9. Damn those mixes are addictive! Thank you tekiu.

  10. Solid work you have in these mixes m8 ;)

    Btw, the link is not working. Can you fix it?

  11. Hi I'm from Argentina, between here by chance, I wanted to congratulate you, your blog is a beautiful place where one finds so beautiful relax by listening musica.Shapo Tekiu

  12. I'm always one of your fans, and i'm trying to stream this track or even download it , and it failed . can you help me pleas :)


  13. Please Tekiu you can contact me on this email if you can send me this track on any other servers,


  14. awesome mix!!:)) Get more tracks on estetik

  15. I've just discovered out you tekiu and you have amazing mixes!! <now, you have got one more fan from Turkey:) keep it work.

  16. beautifoul and dinamic... exelent¡

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  18. Thank you once again :), a unique demand, can you publish the monitor record of "" sleek chillout " i appreciate that.. -.-< if you cant publish them on community can u provide you with my individual e-mail so you can deliver me them? thank you
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