Friday, August 20, 2010

Progressive House Session (Enter The Blue Path Mix)


1. Mango - Good Morning Track (Kazusa Remix)
2. Kazusa - World Clock (Original Mix)
3. Mango Aqua Diva - At The Edge Of This Mountain (Club Mix)
4. Richard Verschuren - Orbital (Original Mix)
5. Everlight - Colours (Tobias Davy Remix)
6. Tom Fall & Something Good - Reflections (Sundriver Remix)
7. Paul Keeley - Wegel (Original Mix)
8. B.O.N.G. & Eddie M - Gift (Original Mix)
9. KaNa - Flower Of Snow (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
10.Evave - To The Stars (PROFF Remix)
11.Thya - Empire Of The Sun (Original Mix)
12.Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer - So It Goes (Original Mix)
13.EDX - Shy Shy (Extended Vocal Mix)
14.Beltek - Eclipse (Original Mix)
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Wowww! Progressive House is a beautiful Music genre. I love the nice smooth sounds and I bet you too. I hope you like this set. it tooks me hours to do it cause there are so amny great Tracks out there. I cant use them all.
I really appreciate every comment and the great feedback from you guys. I also want to thank to all the people who are downlaoding every Set from this Blog and folliwing my Youtube. Unfortunately life is getting more busy thatswhy I cant uplaod a lot. But if you see a new upload here you can be sure it was made with a lot of emotions and love =)
So enjoy this new progressive house set and make it LOUDDDDD!!!! <3


  1. the best progressive house I've ever heard

  2. Glad you like Buddy! Really nice...

  3. Wonderful mixes, wonderful blog. Thank you very much for this... I've never found such wonderful songs anywhere else!

  4. another great set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. this is the music which is played in heaven

  6. the best mix on the blog so far!

  7. right ... the best mix until now ... i hope you will make more to beat this one .... plm make more mixes

    good job man ... keep going

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  9. not workind download, broken link :(